A 11-year- old kid in Hyderabad is teaching graduates and post-graduate who study engineering. Mohammahd Hassan Ali is Hyderabad’s superstar.

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Ali, an student of class 7, aiming to teach thousand students by 2020. He also doesn’t charge any fees from his students.

After six at evening, he teachers students, who are almost double his age.

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“I have been doing this since a year ago. By 6 pm, I go to the coaching institute to teach civil, mechanical and electrical engineering students,” Ali said while addressing ANI.

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The  young child went over a video on web where he saw qualified engineers doing odd jobs abroad. He thought what is the thing that lacks in the Indian students. He found that the students lack the technical and communication skills.

“Since my area of interest is designing, I began learning and teaching it,” the Times of India cited the kid as saying.

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