Let’s disclose the story that lie’s behind Christmas stockings.

25th December celebrated as Christmas all around the globe. Birthday of Jesus Christ  followed by Christmas carols, decorating Christmas tree, baking cakes and family meet ups. Children from  all around the globe believe Santa Clause a mythical  character would give gifts to them on Christmas.

It is a popular belief Santa Claus arrives on the Christmas eve or early Christmas morning and leaves gifts in stockings placed near Christmas trees while the whole world is asleep.

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But how did the stocking hanging tradition started  from? It has an interesting story behind it.

Its said, very long ago there was a poor man  who had three beautiful daughters.  The man had no money to be able to marry his three daughters . Saint Nicolas (the man believed to be Santa Claus) along with some other people came to know about this problem in the village. He knew it very well that the poor man would not accept the charity. Hence, he decided to help secretly.

Once, fine dark night, he threw three bags filled with gold coins inside the poor man’s house. One of the bag feel inside the stockings which kept beside the fireplace for drying.

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In the morning the poor man along with his daughters woke up and saw the bags filled with gold coins. They were overjoyed. The girls got married and lived happily ever after.

Some says all the three bags landed in the stockings. There are different beliefs for the same reason.

Popular belief is that children started hanging stockings after that in order to receive gifts from St. Nicolas.

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