In the event that the predictions of a city-based astrologer to be believed, at that point Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Aaradhya has a major future in politics.

Astrologer D Gyaneshwar announced some new predictions for 2018 at a media conference on Sunday. He guarantees he precisely anticipated actors Chiranjeevi and Rajnikanth’s invasion into political issues and Congress’ arrival to control in unified Andhra Pradesh in 2009. Gyaneshwar likewise recommended that Aardhya change her name to Rohini, on the off chance that she wanted to become prime minister of the nation.

His expectations incorporate PM Narendra Modi’s re-election, US president Donald Trump’s re-race, and Rajnikanth’s appointment as CM of TN, after his party clears the forthcoming mid-term polls. He asserted a war amongst India and Pakistan in 2024 was close by, and recommended that Akash, child of Reliance chairman ought to wed in 2019, after the finish of a foreboding period he would purportedly confront all through 2018.

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