Bill Gates says he has paid more than $10 billion in taxes over a lifetime yet billionaires like him should pay “significantly” more since they benefit more from the system.

The Microsoft co-founder, the world’s second wealthiest man after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, was condemning of a recent US charge upgrade that sliced corporate duties and lowered the top bracket for individual income.

“I’ve paid more taxes, over $10 billion, than any other person, yet the goverment ought to require the people in my position to pay altogether higher taxes,” he said in a meeting.

He said the tax redesign go in December supports the rich notwithstanding Republican claims it will help the middle and working classes.

“Individuals who are wealthier had a tendency to get significantly a greater number of advantages than the working class or the individuals who are poor, thus it runs counter to the general pattern you’d jump at the chance to see, where the wellbeing net is getting more grounded and those at the best are paying higher expenses,” he said.

With a 6th of the US populace living in what he called “baffling” conditions, he said US policymakers need to think about rising imbalance and ask, “Why aren`t we making a superior showing with regards to for those individuals?”

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