French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday said that France ought to be the best friend for India and the entry point to Europe. Macron, who touched base here on Friday on a four-day visit to India over the span of which he will co-chair the foundation conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said he has three purpos

es for this visit. Addressing media in the wake of being agreed a ceremonial reception at the Rashtrapati Bhavan here, he said the first is to open another time in the India-France Strategic Partnership “as far as guard and security, as far as research and science, particularly as far as our childhood, advanced education and science”.

“It is absolutely critical because our two democracies have common challenges regarding terrorism, a lot of common risks, a lot of threats,” Macron said.“The second purpose of this trip is to organise this International Solar Alliance (conference),” he said. “The third objective of this visit is to deliver the message that France should be the best partner for India, especially in Europe, the entry point for Europe. “And I aim to have more and more Indian citizens coming to France studying, becoming a partner, creating start-ups and I want my country to be your best partner in Europe.”

Modi and Macron will hold a bilateral summit later on Saturday following which various agreements over numerous segments are required to be agreed upon. On Sunday, Modi and Macron will co-seat the establishing meeting of the India-started ISA, which was launched by Modi and after that French President Francois Hollande amid the Paris Climate Summit in 2015. The ISA is imagined as a coalition of sun based asset rich nations to address their exceptional vitality needs and give a stage to team up on managing the recognized holes through a typical, concurred approach.

It is available to every one of the 121 imminent part nations falling between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Till Thursday, 60 nations had consented to the structure arrangement of the ISA and another 30 presented the instruments of sanction. Sunday’s meeting will be gone to by 23 of the individuals who have presented the instruments of sanction and 24 of the individuals who have consented to the structure arrangement. Over the span of his stay in India, Macron will likewise visit Agra and Varanasi and have a town lobby collaboration with students in New Delhi. Amid his visit to Varanasi on Monday, he will introduce a 75 MW sun based plant worked by French firm Engie Solar in Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. This is Macron’s first visit to India after he accepted office in May in 2017.

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