While standard makers take as much time as is needed, small players are leading the pack in building and launching electric cars in India. The latest participant in the market is the Mumbai-based Strom Motors. The organization launched its first electric auto offering – the Strom R3.

The Strom R3, unlike most cars, doesn’t have four wheels, it has three with a turn around trike organize – two wheels in front and one at the back. The R3 has been designed particularly for urban traffic and comes in three variations – Pure, Current and Bolt. It has a range of either 80 km or 120 km depending upon the variation.

It likewise has optional fast charging to top the batteries to 80% in around 2 hours. A full charging time of 3 to 6 hours is being guaranteed. Normally available features like air conditioning, power windows and central locking are present.

What’s most essential however is the cost of the R3. While major manufacturers battle to minimise expenses, Strom Motors says the R3 will be accessible with a beginning cost of Rs 3 lakh when it is put at a sale in the not so distant future. That is half of what the nearest competitor is estimated at.

Strom Motors additionally guarantee that the R3 will be equipped with a remote assisted stopping system which gives the driver to park the car in tight spots using their telephones.

With more electric cars being launched, the government’s aim a substantial number of electric autos by 2030 may simply turn into a reality.

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