When there is a toilet revolution in progress in India, China has jumped forward in not simply guaranteeing clean but technologically advanced public toilets in its cities. The most recent instalments to its line of greetings tech public toilets are Wi-Fi services and facial recognition gadgets.

While giving Wi-Fi is reasonable to some degree as clients of people in public toilets may want to spend some time inside, including facial recognition has puzzled many. As per Chinese news site however, there is logic behind the move. Every user gets 40cms of toilet paper when he/she scans his/her face. Citing local authorities at a sports centre in Changsha in Hunan territory where one such system has been introduced, the report says this is to guarantee that there is no wastage of resources. This likewise guarantees there is no theft.

There are measures to check water wastage also while there are sensors inside toilet cubicles that would alert an attendant if a user has been inside for over 10 minutes. In such occurrences, the attendant is expected to knock on the door to guarantee there is no medical or some other emergency. There are different gadgets introduced also like a screen which indicates temperature, humidity and enables users to charge their phones.

Much like PM Narendra Modi, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping has accentuated on the need new and upgrade existing toilets in both rural and as well as urban – all to promote hygiene and self esteem.

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