A 28-year-old lady wearing a niqab has became first women in Denmark to be fined for wearing full face Islamic veils in broad daylight places which violates new controversial law, media revealed.

Police were called to a mall in Horsholm, in the northeastern area of Nordsjaelland, where the lady had turned out to be engaged with a fight with another lady who had attempted to tear her niqab, police duty officer David Borchersen told.

“Amid the fight her niqab fell off, however when we arrived she had put it on again,” Borchersen said.

Police took a photo of the lady wearing the niqab, and got CCTV camera film from the mall of the occurrence.

The lady was informed she would get a fine of 1,000 kroner ($156, 134 euros) in the post, and was advised to either remove her veil or leave the place.

“She picked the last mentioned,” Borchersen said.

As of August 1, wearing a burqa, which covers a woman’s whole face, or the niqab, which just shows the eyes, openly conveys a fine of 1,000 kroner.

Repeated violations will invite fine up to 10,000 kroner.

The ban likewise targets different embellishments that shroud the face, for example, balaclavas, veils and false facial hair.

Human rights campaigners have hammered the ban as an violation of women’s rights, while supporters argues it enables better integration of Muslim workers into Danish society.

The full-face veil is a hot-button issue crosswise over Europe.

Belgium, France, Germany and Austria have effectively imposed bans or partial bans.

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