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Ravan is a very important character in the Ramayan. He is mostly seen as a villain as he kidnaps Sita and took her to his Lanka in the Ramayan.

But, there are some things that you are not aware about the Triloki Raj.

  1. Raavan was Brahma’s great gran son. Ravan’s father, Visravas was a son of Prajapati Pulastya, who was one of Brahma’s ten ‘mind-born’ sons.
  2. When Ravan performed a yagya for Ram. It is said that once Ram’s military had made a bridge to Lanka. But, they needed the blessings of Shiva. To get the blessings they organised a yagya. Then the biggest bhakt of Shiva was only Ravan as he was half-brahman, he was additionally the best for the yagya. Showing honor, Ravan really appeared, performed the yagya and gave Ram his blessings.
  3. Ram told Laxman to get valuable knowledge from Ravan when he was dying. Ravan was the person with most knowledge at that time. Then Ram asked Laxman to get knowledge from him about statecraft and diplomacy.
  4. Ravan’s wife shamed him When Ravan’s army was getting defeated by Ram, Ravan decided to do a yagya to make him win the yudha. But there was a strict requirement for him to stay on the fixed spot and not to leave it. When got to know about that, he sent Angad, Bali’s son and his vaanar sena to disturb him and make Ravan to leave the yagya. But Ravan didn’t moved and then Angad dragged the Ravan’s wife Mandodari. Ravan still didn’t move. Then His wife got angry and screamed at him and shamed him that, Ram is fighting for his wife and you are not even moving from your spot. Then Ravan moved and leaved the yagya.
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