Stelarc is a 71 year old Australian performance artist from Melbourne, who’s growing a prosthetic human ear inside of his left forearm.

On the off chance that you imagined that was crazy, that is just its half. He wants to connect it to the Internet later this year, so everybody can hear what it hears. Basically, he wants to transform that prosthetic ear developing inside his arm into a completely working ear that can hear also.

As indicated by a Digital Trends article, Ear on Arm is Stelarc’s attempt to subject his mortal form- his body – to make a bigger point on how we people innovate and deal with it .

Stelarc takes a gander at the human body as a “chimera of meat, metal, and code.” He wants to use it as a guide or a vessel to go into unexplored territory, while he pushes the limits of his own physical utmost, giving us a look at how humankind is associating with an undeniably interconnected world.

It is no uncertainty, Stelarc’s extraordinary experiments are an caricature on the increasingly intimate relationship amongst people and technology. In the meantime, they’re additionally an update and an interest to launch technology through morals – not at the cost of human pride.

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