A case of medical carelessness, a four-month-old child passed on at a city hospital on Friday, in the wake of being managed an agony executioner infusion to give transitory alleviation from the torment caused by a fasten in the upper lip.

As indicated by the family, the infant was taken to Delhi`s Rohini-found Jaipur Golden Hospital on January 17 after the infant had endured a cut in the upper lip.

They were educated that the specialists were intending to put a join to treat the cut, and the family concurred.

As needs be, a minor surgery was performed and the infant was offered back to the mother. Be that as it may, as the child continued weeping for about thirty minutes, specialists were educated.

“The doctors took the baby away and administered some pain killer following which he became completely silent. We got afraid to see him completely silent and without any motion,” Manish Kumar, uncle of the perished said.

At the point when the family educated the specialist once more, they came and checked the child.

“After checking, they immediately rushed him to the ICU where he was kept for nearly one hour. After one hour, the doctors came out and informed that the baby had died due to medicine reaction,” said Kumar.

At the point when the issue was taken to the Medical Superintendent, the family was informed that it was an instance of medication response and nothing should be possible about it.

The family recorded a police dissension against the clinic and the specialists associated with the treatment of the infant.

In 2015, in a comparative case in a similar clinic, Anamika Ray, a 36-year-old lady academician from Assam had died  because of blood infection caused while during a surgery there.

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