A monitor lizard was found walking around in the premises of National Technical Research Organisation premises in Aya Nagar, Delhi.

People instantly informed the Wildlife SOS team for rescue. The lizard was found outside the staff accommodation  block on organisation campus, as indicated by the reports.

The lizard was in trouble and was unable to open its eyes and the NGO sent in two trained rescuers to the area. “It is consoling to see individuals picking up a more sensitive approach towards the reptile population of the city,” said Kartick Satyanarayan,” co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS.

“Because of constant deforestation and construction of homes these to a great extent reptiles are regularly forced to meander out of their natural environments looking for food and safe house. They are also killed for their meat and body parts due to some beliefs,” he included.

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“The lizard is as of now under treatment for its eye damage. We are checking its condition closely,”Wildlife SOS special project manager Wasim Akram told.

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