‘Chai’ is like our National Beverage of India. Chai is the most favorite stress buster and reliever all over India.

Chai has been also the center of attraction of many people. It has been associated with very big names like our PM Narendra Modi. who used to sell tea at a railway station in his childhood to earn money.

Later a woman became very famous because of his famous dialogues on Tea. Like ‘Hello frands, chai pee lo’ and ‘Chai pee lo frands, garam hai’

But now there is a woman in chattisgarh, who is becoming a center of attraction due to his addiction to tea.

As per reports, woman in Chhattisgarh is living on tea for over 30 years.

Every living beings weather a human or animal needs food and water to absorb nutrients from them which are important to live. And the main thing to think about is that she says, she is totally healthy.

Living in Baradiya town of Koriya distrcit, Pilli Devi gave up food at 11 years old and has been surviving on tea from that time. Popular for his addiction to chai, she is also known as ‘Chai wali Chachi’.

As per her father Rati Ram, the 44-year-old was in 6 th grade she quit food. “Our girl went to take part in a district level competition from Patna School in Janakpur, Koriya District. When she returned, she surrendered eating food and drinking water.”

He additionally included that Pilli Devi at first took biscuits and bread with milk tea, however she came to to black tea, which she drinks once per day after sunset.

Her brother Bihari Lal Rajvade brought up that they had looked for medical help to know if she isn’t suffering from any sickness, yet doctors couldn’t analyze any medical problem behind her behavior.

“We have taken her to many hospitals, none of the doctors could not find the reason for her situation,” he said.

As indicated by her relatives, Pilli Devi not go out of the house normally. She is caught up in Lord Shiva’s worship the whole day.

Dr SK Gupta from district hospital, Koriya, said that it isn’t possible for people to make due on just tea.

“It is shocking. scientifically, a human can’t live on tea for 33 years. It’s different when individuals keep fast for nine days amid Navratri and just drink tea. Be that as it may, 33 years is a lot of time, this is not possible.

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