The rare super blue blood moon that happened on Wednesday, January 31, made for a ravishing display.

Sky-gazers over the globe saw the once-in-a-lifetime which graced the skies out of the blue following 152 years.

Obviously, the pictures that flooded on online networking stages were in reality supernatural and indicated how the lunar body looked from changed nations of the world.

In any case, a video has begun doing the rounds asserting that a UFO circumspectly flew past the moon while it was in the overshadowing stage.

The video was shared on YouTube by the alien hunting channel called ‘UFOmania’ and got more than 40,000 views in only 24 hours.

Passing by the comments on the video, many people appear to be persuaded this is a strong confirmation of outsider presence.

The video demonstrates how the interesting article flew over the blue moon is such an drmatic speed, and specialists trust that no man-made innovation can accomplish such an amazing acceleration speed.

While comparative recordings and pictures of this nature containing ‘prove’ of extraterrestrial presence have regularly turned into a web sensation with UFO seekers scrambling for researchers’ consideration by pointing at extraordinary, secretive things, the exertion has been futile.

The outsider chasing circuit trusts that the world’s leading space office NASA is very much aware of extraterrestrial life, yet is noiseless about reality.

Doubters, be that as it may, are not prepared to purchase the UFO hypothesis the video claims is valid. They trust that it is likely a Boeing air ship or a climate balloon.

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