The Union Heath Ministry sent specialists to attempt and contain a outbreak of the Zika virus in Jaipur, with a watch on pregnant ladies.

Twenty-two individuals there are positive, the health ministry stated, Bihar is on alarm and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has looked for a report.


There is no vaccination for the virus, which can cause extreme birth defects in unborn children. Here’s all you have to think about the virus.

What is Zika infection?

Zika virus is transmitted by daytime-active Aedes Aegypti mosquitos that additionally carry dengue, chikungunya virus. Its name originates from the Zika Forest of Uganda, where the infection was first isolated in 1947.

*The infection is suspected to cause birth defects and neurological issues in infants, which can be an issue given high birth rate in India.

*Since India gives rich atmosphere to the aedes egypti mosquito to develop and multiply, an episode circumstance is possible.

*The mosquito additionally conveys dengue and chikungunya virus that case many lives and contaminate thousands every year.

*There are no vaccines or remedy for Zika infection.

What are the symptoms?



*Joint torment

*Head and body ache


Preventive Measures

*Check mosquito breeding in and around your home

*The mosquito that carries Zika Virus-Aedes Aegypti-breeds in fresh water. Don’t let water to collect in planters, unused bottles, containers, discarded waste, tires etc.

*Use mosquito repellents, for example, creams, gels, electronic mosquito repellents, patches, incense sticks

*Use bed nets

*Grow plants that are referred to repulse mosquitoes, for example, citronella, basil, lemon grass, lavender, mint, rosemary and so forth.

* Wear dresses that cover most of the body parts.

*Take special safeguards amid the day as Aedes Aegypti is a day-biiting mosquito.

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