A billionaire has alleged that his dog was stolen by Amazon’s delivery boy.

The billionaire named Richard Guttfild claims his 11-month-old miniature snijer dog Velma is missing since a delivery boy arrived at his home with a dog ​​food.

The billionaire has accused this of Amazon’s delivery boy. After checking for 5 days Amazon saw the GPS log book of the van.

Richard claims that Amazon only listened to him when he and his sister emailed Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos.

When Delivery Boy came with the order, Richard was busy playing snooker with his friends.

In the end, when the GPS log was checked with help, a man from the Amazon called him and informed him that his dog had got it and he would come. Although Amazon did not provide information about how the dog got it and said that this is being investigated.

Investigations revealed that after the delivery, the driver went straight to his house and later Velma came there only.

The price of this dog is 1200 pounds i.e. about 1 lakh rupees. Initially, Richard wanted to seek assistance from the Amazon about the driver, he was denied.

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