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In Bigg Boss, week started with an exceptional errand for the nomination procedure. Taking a break from a same old vanilla style of choosing one another. Bigg Boss presented the kidnapping task wherein the singles are assumed snatch one individual from each jodi and ask a difficult ransom in return of their freedom. If their partner failed to do it, they will be automatically nominated for the nominations. In the event that, the jodi can complete the task, at that point the single will lose and get nominated.

Presently, the primary jodi that turned into the sacrificial lamb was Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. They played against Dipika Kakar. For ransom, Jasleen was asked to chop off her hair till shoulder length, demolish her garments and cosmetics. As troublesome as it might sound, Dipika’s strategy was to influence Jasleen to lose and lose she did! In the bit of the following scene, Jasleen’s refusal to destroy¬† her make up and clothes went didn’t gone well with her partner Anup.

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The Anup appeared to be quite disturbed and was heard complaing about it to Jasleen picking materialistic things over him. Yesterday, Jalota declared before every one of the housemates that he is breaking up with Jasleen and plays as a single now.

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