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American compabny Apple is planning a biggest event of the year. In event on September 12 and the organization will launch the new iPhone around the same day. As indicated by reports, Apple will dispatch three new iPhones this time. This time additionally the event will be held in Apple’s spaceships campus.

9to5 According to Mac’s report pictures iPhone XS have been leaked, which will be presented on September 12. This marketing image can be found in the new colour alternative, which is Gold, yet it isn’t as Gold that was at that point getting in the iPhone models. It is important that exclusive the Gold Circle has been worked in Apple’s Media Invite, which can likewise be assessed that this time the organisation is giving another colour variation.

As indicated by the data that has been revealed up until this point, this new model of iPhone X will be given another A Series processor, 512GB memory. Aside from this, a big iPhone X can come show of 6.5 inch, in spite of the fact that its specifications will be like the iPhone X.

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As per reports, an iPhone will be less expensive, which won’t offer Olead however LCD show. This cell phone will likewise be 3D Touch, while the organisation is trying to remove 3D Touch from two costly iPhone models. Forecast of the investigators is that the organisation can get another innovation its place.

As usual, in the Media Invite, the organisation did not tell which items will be launched on September 12. Be that as it may, this is written Gather Around in the Invite. The organisation can launch Apple Watch notwithstanding new iPhone models in this occasion.

As per the leaked design, this time the organisation will carry Apple Watch with the Edge to aage show and the creation of examination is that this time the show will be 15 percent bigger than the past time. Aside from this, battery life will be expanded and includes identified with wellbeing will likewise be made strides.

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