After several years of intensive exploration, archeologists and jumpers in Mexico have found the world’s biggest flooded cave system.

The finding made by a group of researchers and jumpers related with Great Maya Aquifer Project (GAM) declared that they have found a passage connecting two underwater caves, creating what they say is the world’s largest flooded cave.

The GAM group, focused on concentrate the baffling waters of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, invested years investigating the hollows of Sac Actun and Dos Ojos in Tulum before interfacing the two sinkholes together

The joined buckle will be known as the Sac Actun framework, going up against the name of the more extended area. The surrender extends crosswise over 216 miles.

The Yucatan Peninsula, where the buckle is found, purportedly still holds treasures from the antiquated Mayan people group.

“This colossal give in speaks to the most essential submerged archeological site on the planet, as it has more than a hundred archeological settings,” said GAM chief Guillermo de Anda, in an statement.

“Along with this system, we had documented evidence of the first settlers of America, as well as extinct fauna and, of course, the Mayan culture,” he added.

”The discovery allows us to appreciate much more clearly how the rituals, the pilgrimage sites and ultimately the great pre-Hispanic settlements that we know emerged,” de Anda added.

He called it an “astounding” find that would help us to better comprehend the Maya civilization.

Until the revelation of the association between the two surrenders, the biggest submerged collapse the world was the Ox Bel Ha, which extended 168 miles in length, as indicated by the National Speleological Society.

In any case, now, the Sac Actun is largest known underwater cave on Earth.

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