Monday, the international chest day for most of the gym goers. Many guys just dream of the chest shape they can not get due to lack of knowledge. The most common myth in today world is that the heavier you lift, the better results you will get.

The truth is that, the weight doesn’t matter when you want to get in shape. The only thing you need is the right position while exercising.

Below we have given some exercises you can do to get your dream
chest shape. Recover your broken tissues by protein which will recover and increase the size of your chest.

Don’t forget to stretch and warm up your muscles to get less prone to injuries.

Barbell Bench Press

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This exercise will increase your chest size by lifting the as heavy as you possible but with correct position. You need to focus on quality over quantity saying. Do this exercise at the starting of your chest day. You have to lift as heavy as possible with lower repetitions.

Bench Dumbbell Press

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Dumbbell are used to get a shape in your chest by doing as heavy as you can. Dumbbells allows you to go more low and high also which you can’t do with the barbells. You can also opt for one set of barbell press with one set of dumbbell press. Making this as one you have to do minimum 3 sets to get yourself in shape and increase the size in your chest.

Inclined bench Press

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When flat press targets your middle chest the Inclined chest presses will target your upper chest. Avoiding this exercise will result in uneven shape of your chest which you obviously don’t want to face. Make an arch with your back which is the right position to do the bench presses. This will increase your upper chest size and will give you a good looking chest.

Dumbbell inclined press

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As you did dumbbell presses after flat barbell. same as it is you have to do for the size of your upper chest. Doing barbell press will increase your size and dumbbell will help you getting it in a shape.

Decline Bench press

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Now here comes the lower chest. Lower chest shape is the most dreamed about shape that gym goers want. Having a good lower chest shape will make your overall chest look complete and make you more sexy. Just make sure you focus on first strech and then sqeeze formula when doing the above excercises.

Dumbell Fly

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As you worked for your upper, middle and lower chest shape. Now you have to target your inner chest. Inner chest gaining is one of the most difficult thing to get. Most people people don’t know the workouts for the inner chest. Just opt for light weight dumbells you can lift and handle. This workout will make your inner chest appearing good.

Pec Deck Machine

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If you are a biginner and can’t lift dumbells than this excercise is the one for you. It is best because it allows you move in one direction only. Minimum do 10-12 reps in a set with 4 sets minimum and get a good looing chest.

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