Bhopal:- A model was held at her own flat and now the man is demanding for a stamp paper and mobile charger.

“We saw the girl, she was covered in blood,” said the police.

The kidnapper – Rohit – took the woman hostage inside her flat on Monday, claiming to free her after she confesses her love for him.

Rohit claims he loves her and want to marry her. However, the cops had to back off because he was threatening them.

“He claims he loves her and wants to marry. He had asked us for a stamp paper & mobile charger. When we tried to barge in, he threatened us,” the cops added.

Efforts to rescue the woman safely is currently underway.

If believed at sources, the model had just returned to BhopaheromMumbai and met Rohit on  her way. He used to call the model several times and when the model refused picking his calls, he went inside her home and locked her from inside. It is believed that parents of the model are in the same house and have been locked in the same fifth story flat in another room.

speakingthe locked door, he said that he has been harassed by police before and this compelled him to take the drastic step. “When I reached Bhopal, a police complaint was filed against me. They harassed me, tortured me which is why I took this step,” said Rohit.

“If the crowd outside the door was not there, I would have come out a lot earlier.”


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