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An Indian billionaire’s daughter in Britain hired a staff of 12 people to take care of her at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. The students whose identity isn’t known has parents who got her a mansion to live in during her four years at the college.

She will have a group of 12 individuals going with her, including a servant, head servant, maid, housekeeper, three footmen, private chef and chauffeur. As per a report by The Sun, an add for the posts was posted on recruitment agency Silver Swan which stated, ‘The family are extremely formal so need experienced staff.’

The work of the butler will be to manage the team while the footmen serve dinners and lay the table for the girl.

For the greater part of us unimportant mortals, first year at school involved hostel rooms packed with atleast than three individuals, and the more fortunate ones got the chance to remain at home all through school.

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