In Chai Nait, Thailand, people saw a Boeing 747 plane in a farm early morning. They began taking photos with the aircraft and numerous people felt that the fuel would have finished, so the airplane landed in the fields.

The doors of the aircraft were locked, so individuals couldn’t go in. Later the landowner revealed the suspense of the plane.

Landowner of the land, Somchai Phukeev, said that he purchased this aircraft which was removed from services at a local auction.

40-year-old Param Anan said that, he thought that the plane landed in the field because of the fuel. I have never been in the flight, so it was a major shock to see.

The owner told that the engine and computer parts have been removed from the plane. He said that he needed to make an centre of attraction in the village, so purchased a plane. It was brought here by a big truck.

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