You may have listened to many people that if anyone don’t feel safe in India, then they should leave India and live somewhere else.

But recently a BJP MLA Vikram Saini was spotted in a video saying that “According to me, those who don’t feel safe but threatened in India should be bombed. Give the ministry to me i will bomb all of them, not a single person will be saved.”

The MLA likewise stated, “Such individuals are swindlers. Some arrangements must be made for them. They ought to be punished. They should leave the nation. For what reason you live here if that you don’t have any devoted emotions towards your nation? In the event that you feel unsafe, go where you feel safe. Who has stopped them?”

Saini has also made controversial statements before. In 2017 too, he had threatened to break limbs of the individuals who disrespect cows. “I had promised that I will break the hands and legs of the individuals who hesitate in chanting ‘Vande Mataram’, the individuals who feel pain in saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and furthermore the individuals who don’t consider cow as their mom and kill them,” he had said.

Saini had additionally recently said that “untrustworthy leaders” had enabled a few Muslims to live in India. “Amid partition, because of them (Muslims), the Hindus are confronting issue in the nation. On the off chance that they (Muslims) had not lived in India, property of crores would be of the Hindus,” Saini had said.

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