अजब-गजब शादी: दूल्‍हा-दुल्‍हन ने पहनाई 'सांपों की माला'

A video is being viral in which the groom and bride are taking a gander at each other with a snake charmer.

All things considered, people are scared of snakes. However, there is no fear on the groom and bride’s face.

अजब-गजब शादी: दूल्‍हा-दुल्‍हन ने पहनाई 'सांपों की माला'

As indicated by the Facebook post, the snake was worn in the place of the garland.

It can be found in the video that the two snakes are being given close by. The snake leaves the groom’s hand, after which it is repeated once more. After which the custom is begun.

It is being informed that this video is from Maharashtra. The bride and groom have dressed in white garments and the rest are sitting.

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