Health is your lifelong friend with an influence in all aspect of one’s life caring for health. Be it your career, happiness, creativity, mental health and many more.

Health is the lowest and the basic need in the hierarchy of needs. Skipping one’s health towards career, security and relationship could bring hassle in one’s progress for a better life. It does not only refer to eating a good meal with a little exercise delivering one the perfect health. This is not at all true, whereas one has to realize that there being the much more to health. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and relationships health contribute to your health as a whole.

Your health means to care for your whole being as one. All that you think or all that you feel also affects your health. Even a professional footballer who everyone thinks to be the most fittest people in the world need a psychologist on/off the field to deal with the mental stress of playing at that status. Same goes for every single person in the world. So, no one can surely say that they are perfectly healthy. Health seems to be an umbrella under which comes many other important properties caring for health.

Your small steps towards former six features have outstanding results in life.

Physical health – Healthy body

Just the act of eating does not guarantee a good physique as it has to be in a regulated manner. Food intake should be balanced with all nutrient. A daily dose of exercise upgrades your system.

Mental health – Healthy thoughts

Exercise is not only an act for the body but the mind needs it too. Puzzles, chess, riddles are the sports of brain one should indulge in.


Emotional health – Healthy feelings

Emotional quotient (EQ) is the measure of one’s emotional health as opposed to the idea of Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Spiritual health – Healthy connection to your intuition, God or spirit

In these times of cutthroat competitions, staying in touch with one’s inner true self can be hard. For these reasons, there has rose whole new systems of spiritual teachers for these existential questioning. Meditation is the best practice for this purpose abstaining from any fake gurus. as sociable to the foremost religions preaching its sheer benefits caring for health.


Relationships health – Healthy relationships with other people, friends, family, spouse, etc.

Jobs, money, power, etc., has made man’s action so unclear, that, s/he has forgotten its sole purpose. Relationships are on what everything builds and stands. No value in relations leads people to indulging in anti-social behaviours.

Sexual health – Healthy sex and intimate life

This is a taboo in our culture, yet an important part of  society. Sex education should be promoted seeing the circumstances of our changing times. Intimacy is one part which is overlooked or not talked about.

The above would’ve shown one a bigger picture of healthy life. It is not a habit to take up for time being, but instead, it is a state of lifestyle for a better future.

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