At the airport of Guwahati, the CISF security personnel supposedly made a pregnant lady to undress to inspect whether she is pregnant or not. Dolly Goswami’s husband Shivam Sarmah has complained by tweeting. He stated, “CISF ought to figure out how to behave to a pregnant lady. The CISF staff named Sujata forced my wife to undress to affirm the pregnancy. Is being pregnant crime in this country?

CISF has begun investigating the incident after tweet. The occurrence occurred on June 24 at the well known Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati. The pregnant woman was coming back to Delhi from Guwahati with her husband after of finishing her father’s last rights.

Dolly’s fathers passed on June 11, he reached Guwahati on June 12. From that point onward, he came back to Delhi from SpiceJet’s flight SG 169 on 24th June.

The lady is a 25-week pregnant. At the place of being checked from a medical expert, the CISF staff, with his own hands, pressed the stomach of the lady to check whether she is really pregnant or not.

As indicated by the report, Husband additionally requested a wheelchair from SpiceJet staff. However, the CISF staff did not gave tickets and asked to show confirmation from pregnancy.

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