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A city in China where people farm Snakes

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PM Narendra Modi went on a visit to China. Chinese President Xi Jinping invited him in the city of Wuhan the centre of the Communists. In spite of the fact that it is a unique town, 120 km from this city, which is known as the city of snakes in China.

The name of this town is ‘Jisikiiao’. This town puts a better place in China because of its unique work.

The people of this town before used to fish and cultivate. In any case, in a few years they changed their work and started to work a dangerous job, because of which this town is called Snake City.

Snake farming is done in ‘Jicikiao’. Around 30 lakh poisonous snakes are feed here. The populations in this snake city is around 1 thousand. Here snakes are being used to eat and use in medicines. Tell us that people in China drink snake soup in particular.

Yang Hongchang (Yang Hongchong) is considered as a boss of snake farming here. Here cobra, from five step and other poisonous snakes species are found. Here poison of snakes is removed and sent out everywhere throughout the world.

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