A 55 year old Civil Engineer from Andhra Pradesh teaches children music for just one ruppee per day.

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S.V Rao is also known as ‘Guitar Rao’ among his students has three fixed spots in the capital where he takes classes regularly, the reports. Rao is wants Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to begin a Sangeet Bharat campaign simply like the Swachch Bharat campaign which was launched in 2014. He also gives students the instruments to these kids by his own.

Between 6 and 9 in morning, Rao can be seen with his students on an street close Andhra Bhawan. Rao is resolved to understand his dreams and in this manner, attends audience by teaching music near Vijay Chowk from 2 pm to 6 pm. Amid winters, his voice can be heard in the India Gate lawns.

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Emgineer turned-teacher gladly tells the media that he has taught around a thousand kids up until this point. Out of these, 160 students come to him consistently. His students even include a few of Delhi police staff whose enthusiasm for music take them to Rao in the wake of a day’s work.

A 8 year old, Ishanvi says that she learned to play a couple of melodies in only seven days. One of her most loved is ‘Jai Jagdish Harre’, she informed TOI. While a 12 year old, Rishit blissfully said that he played ‘Happy Birthday’ at a friends’s party on guitar and everyone liked it.

The guitar teacher used to work in a MNC which he later quit in 2009. He was soon in the debt and disconnected himself from his family. He later went into depression.

To cure himself out of depression, Rao went to the Tirupati temple and began learning instruments. He began meditating and learning yoga in the meantime. He found comfort in instrumental music so he spent a very long time in taking in vocals and music instruments from S.V Music school, Tirupati. Rao’s efforts know no limits as he will be presently graduating from Telangana University with a Degree in Music.

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