The United States is confronting a national security and military crisis and could lose in a war against Russia or China, a bipartisan congressional board warned in an investigate Wednesday.

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Congress had entrusted the National Defense Strategy Commission to take a look at President Donald Trump’s general National Defense Strategy (NDS), which features another period of “Great Power competition” with Moscow and Beijing.

The board, kept running by twelve former best Democratic and Republican authorities, discovered that similarly as the US military confronted spending cuts and reducing military advantages , authoritarian countries like China and Russia are seeking after developments pointed “at killing US qualities.”

“America’s military superiority – the hard-power spine of its worldwide impact and national security – has disintegrated to an unsafe degree,” the commission said.

In their report, the board found America’s emphasis on counter-uprising operations this century brought about it slipping in other war fighting zones, for example, missile defense, cyber and space tasks, and hostile to surface and against submarine warfare.

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