The occurrence of murder of dad by daughter in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur has turned out. Police say that for relationship, the daughter killed her own dad. The 17-year-old daughter has been arrested for the murder and her boyfriend has been arrested for making her to kill her father.

Police said that the episode occurred in Mali town, which falls in the Bekheda police station zone of ​​Jabalpur. The accused daughter turned off the bulb on Friday night at around 12.30 pm, and the dad’s neck was cut off by axe. At the time of the incident, her mom, two brothers of 15 and relative of seven years old were also sleeping there.

Just amid the night when the dead’s wife woke up, she found the bulb turned off. When he turned on the bulb, the wife found husband sleeping with blood. Notwithstanding when he didn’t reacted while moving him.

SI Rajendra Bagri, responsible for Belkheda police station told that 55-year-old Bholaram Gaur’s family is an resident of Mali town. In police investigation, the daughter told that she did this episode on the say of her boyfriend. After this, the police arrested the daughter’s boyfriend, Nepal Singh Lodhi, 29.

Police told that the accused daughter was having an love relationship with Nepal Singh. In any case, his dad had doubt and he entirely prohibited his daughter to meet anybody.

The charged daughter told that her boyfriend Nepal Singh had called her before to meet, by intoxicating them. However, when the inconvenience began, he insisted the daughter to kill her dad.

After the death, the daughter had buried the axe in a farm after killing her father, which the police later recovered. As a matter of fact the entire issue was exposed, when the police came to know that upon the mobile, the young lady had some arguments with the dad on telephone.

At the point when the police asked about the portable from the daughter, she told that this mobile was given by her boyfriend, Nepal Singh. Simply the daughter’s relationship was uncovered and the police investgated.

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