Pakistan: A father poisoned her 19 year old daughter and her fiancee was shot dead just because the couple was found meeting before marriage and clicking selfies with each other.

As indicated by a report in Dawn, the woman was supposedly poisoned by her dad who wanted protect his families honor in the society after finding out that she had been meeting her fiancee before getting married. The incident happened a month ago and it is around a similar time that the man was shot dead.

Suspecting something wrong, the lady’s mother lodged a police complaint in which she stated that her sister and her son- the fiancee and also the cousin of the victim – had visited their home days earlier the incident. At the time, the couple had met and clicked selfies – a lot to the resentment of the victim’s family.

After some investigations cops arrested the victim’s father and grandfather.

For defense, the father has supposedly said that his daughter had submitted suicide by consuming poison inside their home in Karachi. It is reported that the body of the girl was buried soon after she died and that autopsy was not done. The body would now be exhumed.

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