Property debate between the two children late Nirupa Roy, the quintessential Bollywood mother of the 1970s, prompted a fight between the team, police said today. 45-year-old Kiran called police late on Monday night to gripe about commotion made by his senior sibling Yogesh’s kids, a senior police official said. At that point the squabble took after amongst Kiran and his sibling over their mom’s Malabar Hill property. No offense has been enlisted, the authority told PTI here. The contention brought about a small fight between the siblings, the authority included.

Kiran charged that Yogesh jumped into the segment of the section which housed his (Kiran’s) family and began crushing window sheets and mocking, police said. There has been an unpleasant debate between the two siblings over Roy’s level at the Embassy Apartments, for quite a while, police said.

The performer had purchased the level for not as much as Rs. 10 lakh in 1963. The siblings possess two rooms each in the loft, which is spread more than 3,000 sq ft, and comes connected with a 8,000 sq ft garden.

After Ms Roy’s demise in 2004, her significant other Kamal Roy turned into the sole proprietor of the property. The debate between the siblings intensified after his demise in November 2015, police said.

Nirupa Roy acted in more than 200 movies and was celebrated for playing the mother in Deewaar, featuring Amitabh Bachchan and late Shashi Kapoor. The dialogue Mere paas maa hai from that film has cult status.

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