It was a fabulous comeback for CSK: everybody was thrilled to see how CSK came following 2 years and conquered IPL 2018. This is the third time that Chennai Super Kings won the title.

The team shocked us with their amazing performance. They even showed to the entire world that they can run the matches like “Kings” in spite of the fact that their age is more than that of others.

Dhoni worried on the significance of health and said that age is only a number. He cited Rayudu’s case and said that he showed an incredible performance on field.

After this, we got the opportunity to see a wonderful video on the web today. Dhoni challenged Dwayne Bravo for a race on the pitch. They needed to check who gets 3 runs faster. In spite of the fact that Dhoni is 2 years elder to Bravo, he won the race like a boss. Then again, Bravo investigated every possibility to venture out in front of Dhoni.

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