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The latest discovery made by a treasure hunt show ‘Cooper’s Treasure’ run by Discovery Channel is in the talks right now. This discovery is about first solid evidence of extra-terrestrial known to humans. Miklos was on a mission regarding a research in the Caribbean says that his discovery will surely shock the world.

The USO (unidentified submerged object) as a “obtrusion” was found near the Bahamas in the Bermuda Triangle by Miklos and his group. The obtrusion here are horizontal cylindrical structures rising out of a kind of a dome. These structures are about 300 feet in length. “It was a formation like anything I’ve ever seen identified with wreck material, it was too huge for that. It was likewise something that was totally different that I’ve seen that was made by nature” says Miklos.

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According to the Geophysicists on Miklo’s group, the corals that covered the whole structure appeared to be over 5000 years of age. The strange part is that it is being esteemed unthinkable by the experts for the corals to develop at all at an area with such outrageous currents. The researchers on the group additionally asserted that corals in any part of the world can’t develop in this formation normally and henceforth, there must be a hidden structure for the growth.

The site, spread out finished a width of 600 feet, was one of the 99 others showing an attractive peculiarity in the Caribbean. The guide of the considerable number of abnormalities was assembled by Miklo’s friend and celebrated NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper back in the 1960s.

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