Work farewells aren’t social or occasions that the most enjoy. As a general rule, they end up being boring parties. Along these lines, while everybody wishes to truncate these excursions and simply do their own particular thing, this TN district collect accomplished something touching and to a great degree honourable.

In spite of popular sentiment, he didn’t simply make due with a good speech or set up a grand party, the district collector drove home the family of his driver.

Paramasivam rendered his services to the Tamil Nadu government for 35 long years. He’s been a decent representative and a stunningly better resource for everybody he worked for. With a specific end goal to show some respect to his dedications and services, the Karur district collector, T Anbazhagan chose to drive him and his wife back home on his last day at work.

Paramasivan duty was to drive collector T Anbazhagan’s car. In this way, to respect his service, the collector drove the family to their home. The collector didn’t simply drop him home, he likewise had some coffee with his family.

On its substance, it’s not such a grand signal. Yet, consider how deeply and positively it would have affected Paramasivan and his family. A straightforward signal of appreciation can improve things greatly to somebody’s life.

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