The Center govt has approved a proposal to bring speed barriers up in urban areas and on highways the nation over. As far as possible would enable cars to go up to 70 kmph in cities and bikes to 60 kmph. In any case, state governments will hold the power to set lower limit in their states, reports said.

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday approved the raising of speed limits for city streets as well as for interstates and highways. The proposal will now be sent to the Law Ministry for checking before it is formally notified and becomes effective, reports said.

The new framework additionally permits a ‘grace’ of 5 percent, which implies on the off chance that you go over the breaking point by up to 5 percent, you might be let off with a warning. While it may not be piratically possible to hit 70 kmph in many cities, the raise is being made remembering the increasing number of ring roads that are being constructed.

The Center has the ability to set just the upper limit for speed limits the nation over. While state government and nearby bodies would be able to define lower limits on roads under their control, they can’t surpass the limit set by the Center. In states that have not expressly defined their own limits, the Center’s speed points of confinement would consequently become effective.

The new speed limit points will enable cars to go faster by 20 kmph. As far as possible for expressways will be raised to 120 kmph from the current 100 kmph. The cutoff for national roadways will be increased to 100 kmph from the present 80 kmph.

While as far as possible could bring down bookings for speeding, it stays to be perceived how powerful they will really be. Speed limit enforcement stays poor the nation over, and can shift inconceivably from state to state. The state governments, through their police powers, are the implementing authorities for speed limits. So it lies in the their hands on whether the expansion will come hand in hand with high levels of enforcement.

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