Albert Einstein, in 1946, denounced racism in a speech at an American college. He had stated, “Racism is a disease of white people”.

In any case, some of his diary entries has now uncovered the scientist’s racist side of mind. The entries, that he wrote amid an Asia visit, have been made open revealing Einstein’s perspectives on the race of individuals from India, China, and Sri Lanka.

Einstein appeared to have held the opinion that Indians were “biologically inferior” and were blocked by the subcontinent’s atmosphere that “kept them from thinking in backward or forward for more than quarter of an hour”.

As per Ze’ev Rosenkranz, the assistant director of the Einstein Papers Project at the California Institute of Technology, Einstein’s perspectives on Indians, Chinese, and Japanese were “a clear hallmark of racism”.

Einstein had first come into contact with Indians in Colombo amid his voyage to the Far East. He specified Indians by alluding them to driving “primitive lives”.

It is trusted that despite the fact that Einstein was a Jew who was broadly compelled to escape Nazi-affected Germany, he may have changed his opinions later.

All things considered, Einstein’s perspectives unquestionably come as an astonishment to us who have constantly held the researcher in high eateem.

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