A 29-year-old engineer was apparently kidnapped and forced to marry a woman at gunpoint in Bihar. The video cuts from the wedding show Vinod Kumar, a lesser supervisor at Bokaro Steel Plant, dressed as a groom, being whipped and compelled to perform wedding customs in Patna’s Pandarak zone. As he begs to be released and keeps on weeping for help, a gathering of ladies, allegedly  from the lady’s family, attempt to persuade him to coordinate.

When he declines to apply varmalla to the lady of the hour, her relatives are heard saying, “We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you.”

Neighborhood media cited the designer as saying one of the bride’s relatives had pointed a pistol at him after they met at a mutual friend’s wedding and ordered him to marry her. His allegations are being investigated by the police.

A month ago, when Vinod did not achieve home as arranged, his sibling Sanjay Kumar got stressed and moved toward the police. He enlightened them regarding a call from an obscure number illuminating him about his sibling’s ‘Pakadua Vivah’ (constrained marriage).

He told Discuss India, “My sibling boarded Hatia-Patna express from Bokaro as he needed to go to a wedding capacity close Patna on December 3. Surendra Yadav, the lady’s sibling, convinced him to come to Mokama. He was kidnapped there and taken to Pandarak where my sibling was compelled to wed the lady.”

However, the cops declined to help, Sanjay claimed.

Pandarak police headquarters in control Prabhakar Vishwakarma has denied the affirmations. “We requested that the kid’s family stop a snatching case at Mokama in light of the fact that the asserted kidnapping occurred there,”

At that point he moved toward Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj on whose headings Pandarak police liberated Vinod from the town where he was kept after the constrained marriage.

As far back as the occurrence, Vinod’s family has been getting risk calls requesting that he acknowledge the young lady compelling them to look for police security.

“We are investigating it and will make a move against the guilty parties. We are additionally testing the part of the nearby police,” said Patna city SP Amarkesh.

The official figures, as detailed by news organization AFP, indicate police got about 3,000 dissensions of prepare grabbing in 2016. None of the relational unions were abrogated.

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