A prankster team in Russia gone to buy an iPhone XS with a bath tub full of coins as payment and they also recorded themselves.

Russian blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko shared a video on Instagram that shows him filling the bath tub with many coins two days prior. As indicated, Mr Kovalenko put 100,000 Russian ruble in the bathtub, which is equivalent to around USD 1,500 or Rs. 1,08,000.

The 350 kg bathtub was then carried to an Apple store in a mall in Moscow. In the video, security guards can be seen trying to stop Mr Kovalenko and his friends from entering.

“Is there anything wrong?” Mr Kovalenko is heard asking the guard.

After two fights, the group figured out how to carry the coin-filled bathtub into the store.

Watch their video:

In an astounding turn, be that as it may, the store actually didn’t refused for the weird payment. As per reports, it took store workers two hours to count every one of the coins, so Mr Kovalenko could buy a 256 GB model of the iPhone XS.

An image shared on Facebook shows an Apple worker who were counting the coins.

Mr Kovalenko told to ABC News that the prank was pulled off with the goal to target people attitude  towards small change in Russia. In the nation, stores will regularly decline to serve clients if they don’t carry correct change.

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