A stunning case has risen up out of Madhya Pradesh . One and a half kilometers of railway track has been stolen here. After this incident, railroad authorities too have come in. In the meantime, the security agencies have likewise lost consciousness. It is expected that the thief who did the robbery has escaped to Pakistan. This connection of Pakistan with burglary has turned into a matter of worry for the security organization. From railroad to the police, they are not able to understand that in what manner will they utilize any of the stolen tracks?

Tracks of 1.6 kms have been stolen from tracks between MP Katni and Dewas railroad station, measuring 100 tons of stolen tracks . The weight of these tracks is around 100 tons. This weight is equivalent to 100 compact sedan cars.

Thinking about burglary, the railroad and the police are astonished that how this huge robbery was executed. In the meantime, it is additionally being explored that after all who will do any of the stolen steel tracks.

Two smelt steel and make some of it is very costly, it is extremely costly to make a few of the steel by rolling the rails of steel. New steel can be purchased at this cost. Then again, common thieves don’t have such gear and there is such a great amount of measure of cash that they can work to smelter the steel and make something with it.

Then it has additionally been expresses at the flea Shamim leader of the gang who carried out the theft Pakistan of being feared. It is likewise trusted that Shamim has sold steel tracks to some other kabaddi. Be that as it may, it is difficult to offer and offer them.

For the situation RPF has arrested eight people from Sagar and Jabalpur. An authority said that 60 percent of stolen tracks have been recovered. The assistance of Interpol is additionally being taken to catch the driving force. The Pakistani association with the criminal has additionally turned into a matter of worry for the security organizations.

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