A barber is known to give you a haircut or groom your beards.

But, this hair stylist from China, named Xiong Gaowu, has aced the craft of shaving eyeballs. No he won’t scoop your eyeballs out. He’ll just put a sharp knife in your eyes and wipe all the dirt and remove it.

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As indicated by reports, Gaowu claims he is shaving eyeballs for more than 40 years and has never harmed anybody.

Eyeball shaving was once practices in hospitals in the mid twentieth century. It was a technique to clean ulcers or treat scar tissues. This technique was additionally used to treat a medical condition called trachoma.

Gaowu lives Chinese city Chengdu. He has snowballed into a well known name for this reasons. So, next time you go to a hair dresser, you will have a new thing to get done.

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