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Gurugram rapists used to wore lucky blue shirt before raping minor girls

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This, police described, how a 20-year-old Sunil Kumar killed three girls in Gurugram between 2016 to 2018. Police said the charged said this amid questioning. He likewise supposedly confessed to killing six different girls in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The reason behind why he was caught, was that he was not wearing his lucky blue shirt.

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Kumar was held on Monday from Uttar Pradesh’s Jhansi for the rape and murder of a three-year-old girl in Gurugram’s Sector 66 prior this month.

“He said he felt that at when he wore the blue shirt and committed the crime, the police would never follow him. He was surprised that in spite taking all the precautions he was caught,” said K Rao, commissioner of police.

“He would approach girls between three to eight years old at religious communities kitchens when their parents are busy in doing something and he took all the advantage of the crowd,” said Sumit Kuhar, delegate official of police (crime).

“He constantly kept Rs 10 note in pants. At whatever point he got a chance, he would offer it to the girl to buy them a chocolate and tricked them. At the point when the victim followed him, the blamed would take them to a isolated place, spent some time talking with them to make them comfortable and that no one suspect anything,”said Raj Kumar, sub-inspector CIA said. “He would then commit the crime.”

In light of Kumar’s “admission”, police on Wednesday spoke to the families of the two different victims. While one couldn’t identify the blamed from a photograph, the other said they knew him and had seen him on the day the girl was kidnapped yet couldn’t affirm the involvement of him in the crime, police said.

The blamed on Tuesday had supposedly admitted to his involvement in nine cases of raping and killing minor girls. Amid the test, the police analyzed around 150 hours of CCTV film from the regions where the crime occurred, Rao included.

A psychological evaluation of the blamed man will be conducted to assess his behavioral and mental condition, officials said.

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