Gurugram’s Fazilpur Badli town transformed into a center of action after a heavy rock fell from the sky into a wheat field on Saturday.

Believing it to be a meteor, the villagers said it came ‘shooting out of the sky’. Be that as it may, their bewilderment soon went bad after the ice cube shape like object which measured 8 kg ended up being solidified human excrement that fell from a aircraft.

As it hit the ground with a boisterous crash, the ‘huge rock’ framed a one-foot pit and a farmer who was in the field at the time saw its fall.

Soon, the news of the ‘meteor’ spread all through the town like wild fire and inquisitive villagers raced to the spot.

The question’s yellowish-dark colored shading and straightforward surface drove villagers to mix up it for a space shake. A few villagers even took bits of the stone home and refrigerated it.

As indicated by reports, the SHO at Farrukhnagar police headquarters was educated and landed with his group to explore. He at that point reached the senior medicinal officers and a group of researchers from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) were sent to gather tests.

They additionally educated National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Researchers later affirmed that the ‘meteor’ was really a piece of solidified human excreta that may have fell from a passing airplane.

Meanwhile, the exited villagers who had taken the pieces home needed to tidy up after they got to know that the matter was uncovered.

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