While some parts of the outside world fought over small religious issues, more than 101 Hindu prisoners of Muzaffarnagar jail observed Ramzan fast with their Muslim brethren on Wednesday.

Altogether, 1,064 Muslim prisoners of th jail observed the fast alongside 101 Hindus, including a lady.

” On Monday, few Hindu detainees approached me and expressed their desire to observe ‘roza’ which were due to begin on Tuesday. We accepted their request as it would go far in encouraging communal harmony in the prison. Truth be told, amid ‘Navratras’, Muslim prisoners had observed fast. What’s more, amid Holi, followers of both the religions had celebrated together,” said jail superintendent Rakesh Singh.

On the first day of Ramazan, 65 Hindus had observed fast and the number rose to 101 on Wednesday, he said.

The administration had made special arrangements for ‘Iftar’ (evening meal to break fast).

The Muzaffarnagar district had seen massive revolts in 2013. No less than 62 individuals were killed amid the conflicts and 93 were left injured . In excess of 5,000 people were displaced.

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