Tojo Mathew (30), living in Kuttanad in Kerala, had bought a lottery ticket with the help of his friends, whose number was 075171. Because of this, they won about 7 million dirhams (currency of the UAE) i.e. according to Indian currency, about 13 crores 10 lakh 45 thousand 144 rupees.

He used to work as a supervisor in Abu Dhabi and he recently quitted his job. So, They were unemployed and were looking for a job.

He was returning to India by raising money from his friends and bought a lottery ticket at Abu Dhabi Airport before returning to India on 24th June. He won 13 crore rupees.

Tojo’s mother Kunjma Mathew says, “I have three sons, from whom Teejo is the auto driver, Tojo and Tito are the supervisor in Abu Dhabi.

Tojo always wanted to make a house here, but he did not have the money, but it is the blessings of God that he won lottery and now we can fulfil our dream.

It is not known that this is not the first time when an Indian has won so much money through lottery, before that an Indian man in Dubai had won 12 million dirhams.

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