A women’s hands were forcibly burned by her in-laws after asking her to prove that her show constancy and loyalty in a bizarre way.

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The lady, an resident of Mathura, was accused for adultery by her husband and in-laws.

“They used to thrash me and falsely blame me for adultery. They additionally called me a liar,” the lady told ANI.

As per unconfirmed reports, the ladies was taken to the town panchayat where another women, who practiced black magic, was available. She took over the panchayat procedures and ordered the couple to grasp burning ashes. The one will the ‘pure soul’ won’t consume her hands and will pass through the test.

The husband supposedly held the embers and immediately passed it on to another person. Amid the lady’s turn, the in-laws purportedly forced her to hold the coals in her palm for quite a while. The husband likewise squeezed the lady’s palms as she held the ashes.

“Case registered. Strict action will be taken,” said Mant police headquarters.

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