Image result for London's first insect farm owners are trying get people to eat worms and crickets to save the world

Horizon Insects is a insect farm in London that has thousands of edible worms and crickets. It presently creates 50 kilograms of insect at every eight weeks however it was begun as a school project.

Laurence Mohan attempted the project as a part of his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, an youth honors program that requires creating down to practical abilities and interests. After some time Laurence’s mom took got interested i it and it turned into a privately-owned company.

The farm organises maintainability and it uses remaining food from nearby firms to feed the bugs. Mealworms are the least demanding and most energy efficient insects that the farm grows. The worms just need 10% of the land used for meat, and they create far less CO2. They require feeding once every day and don’t require any additional water.

Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenebrio molitor beetle, each beetle lays around 500 eggs. The farm additionally raises kingworms and crickets, in spite of the fact that they consume up more space. The insect are versatile in cooking, they are high in protein and omega-3, and they can be used as a basic meat substitute or mixed into a flour for baking.

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