Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went on a visit to Israel and the Middle East. His wife was also with him on this visit.

Something happened in Israel on this visit, condemned in Japan. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife had a dinner on 2 May with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu.

Private celebrity chef Moshe Segev of Israel’s PM was has served diner in a weird manner. Moshe Segev calls it food art. Chef Segev had posted dinner related pictures on his social media profile. These includes a desert presented in the shoe.

As per sources, amid this time some chosen desserts and chocolates were served in ‘Made of Metal’ shoes. Shoes also in Japan are additionally considered to a great degree offending in Japan’s culture.

Abe has no issue in eating this sweet from this shoe and in the photograph shared by Moses Segev, he seemed to smiling at dinner. Despite the fact that the people and leaders of Japan thought about it as disrespectful. In the meantime, some Israeli authorities additionally found it offending.

A Diplomate, Israeli media association, Yediat Ahranot said that the incident was very idiotic. In Japan people put shoes out of homes, it was a wrong choice to decorate it on the table. This move of Israel is as a rule generally scrutinised via social media.

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