Considering about he’s John Abraham, he gives no effs about how the planet turns. He does what he wants to, dresses as per his gut (or individual style?) and now and then, winds up going with the tide. At Akash Ambani’s recent engagement party, he did precisely that:

In the event that the run of life is any genuine reason, engagement parties call for formal wear or if nothing else, Indian formal wear. Also, not only for the groom, the male invitees excessively should dress in formal attire. It’s a composed decide that must be adhered to. Be that as it may, justifiably — rules are intended to be broken. Enter, the main menswear rebel at India’s most expensive engagement party that occurred on Monday.

Getting to the heart of the matter, ‘formal wear for formal settings’ was the vibe that existed here. In any case, despite what might be expected, John totally transformed a deaf ear and changed this situation into a shoe trip. Wearing a white T-shirt finished with a checked shirt, classic jeans and fresh white sneakers — there’s a ton to examine about this outfit being worn to an engagement party. In any case, we think, John was playing himself; the flip-flops wearing fella that take rounds of airport terminals. So he’s just satisfied his style-point with this outfit here.

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